How to complain about an airline


Before filing your complaint with us

Please note that to be eligible to make a complaint against an EU airline, you must have already complained to the airport or airline directly in writing and either received a final written response (sometimes referred to as a ‘deadlock letter’) or given the airline eight (8) weeks to respond to your dispute. AviationADR EU can only deal with unresolved complaints.

Types of airline complaints AviationADR EU can deal with

AviationADR EU deals with various customer/passenger disputes ranging from cancelled flight compensation to denied boarding. If you have a dispute with an airline which is listed below, then you can submit a complaint with us now.

  • Cancelled flight compensation
  • Delayed flight compensation
  • Cancelled flight refunds
  • Delayed flight refunds
  • Denied boarding disputes
  • Damaged, lost or delayed luggage disputes