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If an airline or airport grievance remains unsettled, AviationADR is equipped to provide the crucial support you require to navigate through the resolution process effectively.

Airlines/Airports we work with

The companies listed below have become members of AviationADR and have committed to participate in our resolution scheme. Thus, any final verdict we reach is obligatory for the company, provided you, as the complainant, accept it.

About this Scheme

We can deal with most complaints between an airline/airport that subscribes to our scheme and a passenger, including:

  • Denied boarding, delayed or cancelled flights
  • Damaged, lost or delayed luggage
  • Destruction, damage or loss of items worn or carried by a passenger
  • Problems faced by disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility
  • Issues of unfair trading
  • Pricing
  • Misrepresentation

We cannot deal with your complaint if:

  • You haven’t already made a complaint direct to the airline and either received a final response or at least 8 weeks has passed since you filed your complaint;
  • The airline does not subscribe to our scheme.

It is our duty to process claims within a 90-day period, following receipt of the necessary evidence from both the passenger and the airline. However, it’s worth noting that passengers usually receive their decision much sooner with a typical timeframe of 30 days.

Our scheme operates under the regulation and approval of the Civil Aviation Authority, the governing body for aviation matters in the UK.

To file a Service Complaint click here.
Alternatively, all complaints should initially be addressed to:

Head of Service Complaints
Stratford Office Village
Unit 12 Walker Avenue, Wolverton Mill
Milton Keynes
MK12 5TW

Complaints should be in writing and should provide full details of the complaint, including your complaint ID number and the name of the Complaint Handler/Adjudicator where possible/applicable.

How AviationADR Scheme Works

Upon submission, the AviationADR evaluates a complaint to verify its conformance with the criteria explained in Section 1.1 of Scheme Rules. It’s essential that the complaint meets the specified requirements for continuation. If it fails to do so, the passenger will be communicated the decision within three weeks.

For every compliant that meets our standards, it’s presented to the respective airline. The airline then has a maximum of 28 days to contemplate its position—either to contest or to approach a settlement. In instances where the airline decides in favor of a settlement, it is allotted an extra 28 days to honor the decided terms like compensation payout, if necessary.

There may be cases where the airline opts to dispute the complaint. In such scenarios, the passenger has a week to react or express commentary on the defense—especially when it introduces novel information or evidence not incorporated in the initial Deadlock Letter. This stage is known as the Passenger’s Response.

Following the Passenger’s Response, the AviationADR communicates to all involved entities that a ‘Complete Complaint File’ has been assembled. From this juncture, additional documentation or proof by neither party is accepted unless expressly approved by the Chief Adjudicator of AviationADR.

The Resolution Office, following this, proceeds with the addressing of the complaint and delivers a written decision. This delivery occurs within 90 days from when the Complete Complaint File was acknowledged. However, in complex cases, AviationADR might necessitate transcendence beyond the standard 90 days. In such events, both parties are duly notified about the required extension.

The Scheme Rules

The Scheme is regulated and monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and follows its rules. Airlines subscribed to the Scheme are bound by its decisions and by the Scheme Rules.


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